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Friday, January 23, 2009

Dave Grohl Heath Ledger For Nick Drake Tribute Album

Heath Ledger

Schulhof said the project would also have a previously unreleased video players Heath Ledger on DVD. Ledger is understood to have turned his version of Drake Black Eyed Dog at the end of 2007. The actor had already expressed a desire to make a documentary on Drake..

Htv Miley Cyrus Buys Present For Mom

Miley Cyru

Miley Cyru spent the day running committees and c is reveal her special present for his mother. Kardashian sisters do milkshakes to Millions of Milkshakes shop, and Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt also show up to get the fun! Jessica Alba and Nicky Hilton are both on foot noticed their car in casual clothing..

Enrique Iglesias Shoots Down Rumors That His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Anna Kournikova

Two days after the entry of a pregnancy Anna Kournikova reappeared on the blogosphere, her boyfriend Enrique Iglesia denied allegations of laughter amid chuckles in an interview with Univision.

Lakers Quot Andrew Bynum Wants To Get More Rebounds


Bynum had only three rebounds against the Magic, while Howard had 20, including eight on offense.. After criticism from Laker Coach Phil Jackson for his poor rebound Friday night against Orlando Dwight Howard, center Andrew Bynum Laker was relieved to know that his coach had backed off a little.

History Will Remember Bush Well

George W Bush

Today, President George W Bush leaves office with approval ratings only slightly higher than Truman S. And I will do this prediction: The verdict of history on the Bush presidency, will not be the same as the verdict of contemporary criticism. While Bush made mistakes during his mandate, as Truman has poured a record of unprecedented success that will be increasingly appreciated for years to come..